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June 2015,

  • Attorney Alvarado-Taylor defends father’s rights in Montgomery County Circuit Court

In early June, Jamie Alvarado-Taylor successfully defended a father’s rights in Montgomery County Circuit Court. The mother wanted to return to Bolivia with the couple’s young children, stating that she would be able to get a better job and provide a better life for the kids there. Both children currently attend Montgomery County public schools and one of the children has a special need for which she is receiving services right in her school. Ms. Alvarado-Taylor was able to show the court that the mother did not have any actual plans for the children and could not prove that the children would be better off outside of the United States. Ms. Alvarado-Taylor also showed the Court that the children would be harmed by missing out on a relationship with their father, who is highly involved with the children, as well as the relationships they had developed with their extended family here in Maryland. The Judge took judicial notice of the fact that Montgomery County is considered to be one of the best school districts in the country and that the services they provide for students with disabilities is also highly rated. The Circuit Court Judge then ruled that not only must the mother stay in the United States if she wished to continue having physical custody of the children, but if she did spend more than three weeks out of the country with the children without the father’s written permission, sole legal and physical custody would revert immediately to the father.


June 2015,

  • Attorney Alvarado-Taylor Gets Custody Back To Mom im Prince George’s County

In June 2015, Jezic & Moyse attorney Jamie Alvarado-Taylor won joint legal and physical custody as well as child support for a Mom in Prince George’s County who had lost all custody of her four kids 10 months prior after missing a court date. In a Motion for Custody modification case, the party bringing the Motion has the difficult burden of proving to the Court that there has been a material change in circumstances that warrants changing a custody order. In this case, just a short time after the initial order, Ms. Alvarado-Taylor convinced the Prince George’s County Circuit Court Judge before the case even concluded that the parties actually had an arrangement which was working for the family and different from the court’s prior order. The Judge agreed that the Order should be changed and the custody previously stripped of the mother was returned to her.


May 2015,

  • Alvarado-Taylor wins Cross-Petition Protective Orders in Prince George’s County

In May, Jezic & Moyse attorney Jamie Alvarado-Taylor won both parts of a cross-petition Protective Order for a Prince George’s County mother who was physically assaulted by the father of her children. The mother filed a Protective Order petition against the father the day of the attack and he filed a counter-Protective Order petition in retaliation. Ms. Alvarado-Taylor was able to prove to a Prince George’s County Judge that the mother was the true victim, despite the aggressive defense by the father’s attorney and physical evidence they presented in Court to claim that the mother initiated the attack. The Judge awarded the mother a Protective Order against the father for a duration of one year and denied the father’s request for a Protective Order from the mother.


March 2015,

  • Family Attorney Jamie Alvarado beats odds in Custody Battle

On Tuesday, March 4, the Circuit Court awarded sole legal custody and primary residential custody to a Montgomery County mom after a full day of testimony and evidence. Attorney Jamie Alvarado-Taylor worked diligently with the client over the nine months leading up to the trial to try and resolve the family’s issues using a variety of alternative dispute resolution methods. When it was clear that the parties could not settle the matter, they proceeded to trial. In order to prevail, Attorney Alvarado-Taylor successfully overcame presumptions that existed based in Maryland family law and proved to the court why the current access schedule was not in the child’s best interest.


November 2014,

  • JM’s Family Law Attorney wins Legal Custody for Mom in Prince George’s County Custody Case

Attorney, Jamie Alvarado-Taylor won sole legal custody for a Prince George’s County Mom last month. The parents had agreed out of court that the mother would continue to have primary custody of the minor child. The mother had always been the responsible party caring for the child, although the father had been in the child’s life. Attorney Alvarado-Taylor successfully argued that it would not be in the child’s best interest at 11 years old to be subjected to the uncertainty of the views of a parent who had never made decisions for him. The Court agreed, despite arguments from opposing counsel. The Court also stating that the poor communication between the parties would make it difficult for them to work together to reach agreements in the best interest of their son.

 February, 2014,

  • Maryland Judge Awards Immigrant Wife All Relief Requested – Custody, Child Support, Marital Home and Alimony)

JM’ s Maryland family law attorney successfully advocated for a mother in her divorce and custody case. In February, 2014, after a year of multiple hearings and court filings, a Maryland judge in a twenty page written opinion awarded the mother physical custody of the parties’ minor child, child support and the marital home.

What’s more, the judge awarded the mother alimony for a period of time longer than the the length of time the parties were together, an unusual award and a huge financial relief for the mother, who was brought to the United States by the husband on a fiance visa.

In addition to this ruling, the Court previously ordered the husband to fully cooperate with immigration officials in the wife’s application of permanent residency. As a result of JM attorney’s work, our client now has permanent residency and the economic relief she needs to move on with her life.

October, 2013,

  • Judge Orders Custody Case Must Stay in Maryland.

In October, 2013, JM’s family lawyer represented a father of a minor child in a custody fight over which state, Maryland or Minnesota, should have the power to decide the custody of his minor child.

After several written motions and a lengthy hearing, JM’s attorney convinced a Prince George’s County judge that Maryland was the home state of the minor child. The judge found that although the minor child had lived outside of Maryland for over six months, Maryland was the minor child’s home state. The minor child had been removed from Maryland by his mother without the consent of the minor child’s father. After the judge’s ruling, the Minnesota court dismissed the custody case filed by the mother. The case will now be heard in Maryland.


June, 2013

  • JM’s family Attorney , successfully advocates for pendent lite order requiring U.S. born husband to cooperate with immigrant wife’s application for permanent residency.

JM’s client was brought to the U.S. by the husband on a fiance visa. The parties are now in the process of dissolving the marriage and as a result of marital discourse the husband had refused to assist the immigrant spouse in seeking permanent residency. However, in June, 2013, our family lawyer was successful in getting a Prince George’s County judge to include a requirement that husband cooperate with his spouses’ application for permanent residency.


March 2013,

  • JM’ s Maryland family law attorney, successfully advocates for modification of custody and access in Montgomery County.

JM’ s Maryland Family law attorney advocated for a father who had not seen his two children for over five years. JM’ s lawyer convinced the court that a prior custody order, which had denied father access and custody, was no longer in the best interest of the children because their health and education needs were being neglected by the custodial parent. The court modified the prior order to permit father to have daily unsupervised access with the minor children and awarded the father joint legal custody.




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