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Our outstanding results are seen in the press articles, criminal lawyer awards, and client testimonials that can be accessed throughout this website.

All across Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia, particularly in Montgomery County, Anne Arundel County, Howard County, Prince George’s County, and Frederick County, our criminal defense attorneys are in courts every day, providing dedicated, high-quality legal representation for individuals.

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  • A couple years ago Andy Jezic, David Moyse, and Rand Lucey defended my son against some serious charges, which he maintains today his innocence. He passed two polygraphs. I was extremely impressed with their dedication to his defense. They went far beyond what was expected of them. They involved us every step of the way (which is not done by all lawyers). They came in on weekends to meet with us which made is easier for us. I was so impressed, I’ve made it a point to keep in touch with them. Not only are the competent, they were respectful, and all around “good” people. You would be hard pressed to find a better law firm. I would recommend them to anyone facing legal charges. Thank you Andy, David, Rand and your entire firm.

  • My dad had a jury trial of First Degree Assault. He was wrongly accused of stabbing another in the chest. if he had been found guilty by the jury, he would have gone to jail for 5-10 years, and then he would have been deported. Our lawyer, Andrew Jezic, represented him in front of the jury for three days with his associate, Jamie Alvarado-Taylor. I am grateful for how hard both Mr. Jezic and Ms. Alvarado-Taylor fought for my dad every step of the way, from opening statement to the final day when the prosecutor decided to dismiss all of the charges before the case was decided by the jury! i am super happy that my dad is free to stay in this country without any problems for many more years with our family. we are grateful for Mr. Jezic for having guided my dad through this nightmare. He always treated us with respect, and listened to our ideas and interviewed our many witnesses several times in.

  • Right when my family thought our world had ended, the law firm of Jezic & Moyse gave our life back just in time for the holidays. My husband was already sitting in jail for a month after being wrongfully accused of a felony crime. That if found guilty, he was going to do 30 + years. Unfortunately we started out with a non aggressive lawyer who asked my husband to plead guilty to a charge so that he would only do five years. While my husband was waiting in jail for sentencing day; our family and friends acquired the Jezic & Moyse law firm. They were successful in reversing the plea bargain and to start his case all over again. After nine months waiting for a new trial, that day finally came. My family and friends were very impressed in Mr. Jezic’s court demeanor and aggressiveness in defending my husband. After six days of hard work and determination of the entire law firm, my husband was acquitted of all charges by a jury. We thank the law firm for their dedication in returning my husband back to his family. If you are in need of a good, experienced, aggressive lawyer who is the best in town, my family fully recommends the Jezic & Moyse law firm.

  • I was faced with 2 felonies and a citation in regards to vehicle manslaughter; facing serious time and life threatening outcomes. My family was devastated and so was I. I was set in front of a jury of 12 with Mr. Jezic as my counsel. He was fully knowledgeable of the law and how it operates, and gained the respect of the entire courtroom. Mr. Jezic captivated the jury of my trial by being extremely knowledgeable and devoted in my representation. His performance exceed my expectations and I am blessed to be found not guilty of all felonies. Not only was his professional performance great, but his ability to be a counsel and an honest-trustworthy friend and not just a lawyer for hire was one of the greatest benefits of all that helped my case, and his entire staff shares the same ethic. Hands down I couldn’t ask for a better lawyer and now a good friend. If I have any legal issues he will be my first call.

  • My husband was facing decades in prision on a very serious felony, and a parole retake. My husband gave a false confession to the crime. As a result, we thought we had little hope of winning. But with the help of Mr. Jezic, with all of his experience and his aggressive legal strategy, the prosecutor decided to drop the case a few days before our jury trial was to begin. The prosecutor apparently grew to believe, thanks to the arguments advanced by Mr. jezic, that the confession would be thrown out by a judge, or not believed by the jury. Mr. Jezic and his law partner, Rand Lucey, kept us informed throughout the process, and both were very polite, professional, and caring.

Criminal Lawyers serving Maryland, Virginia, and DC

Jezic moyse attorney HomeOur law firm also concentrates in personal injury cases, and handles a wide range of other issues that include criminal defense (arson, assault, attempted murder, child abuse, drug charges, failure to appear, gun charges, homicide, prostitution, robbery, sex offenses, etc.) and serious traffic offenses (DUI, DWI, etc.), wrongful death and medical malpractice cases, divorce and custody disputes, as well as a variety of immigration matters, employment, civil rights violations and defamation.

Our Maryland criminal lawyers realize that no matter the nature of your case, it can have a lasting impact on, not only your own life, but the lives of your loved-ones. At Jezic & Moyse, LLC, your specific goals and concerns will dictate every step of our representation.

Maryland Criminal Defense Attorney

Maryland criminal lawyer, Andrew V. Jezic, is the lead partner of Jezic & Moyse LLC and heads our criminal defense department. He was selected to the exclusive list of best criminal defense lawyers in Maryland by Washingtonian magazine from 2011 to 2015. Mr. Jezic is a Fellow in the American College of Trial Lawyers.

In 2016 and 2017 Super Lawyers magazine recognized Mr. Jezic as one of the top 100 lawyers in all of Maryland. Most recently, in May of 2017, Mr. Jezic was voted one of the very best 100 lawyers in the entire D.C, Maryland and Virginia region by Superlawyers, an extraordinarily rare recognition, confirming Mr. Jezic’s reputation as one the most sought-after defense attorneys in the metropolitan area.

He is also a co-author of the widely respected book, Maryland Law of Confessions, first published in 2003 by Thompson/West and now in its thirteenth edition.

As a Maryland criminal lawyer, Mr. Jezic has an extraordinary record of achieving outstanding results in criminal jury trials.

In 2010 and 2011, Maryland criminal lawyer Andrew V. Jezic convinced judges in two separate cases to vacate his clients’ guilty pleas entered with another criminal defense lawyer, whereby both clients would have been deported after serving lengthy prison sentences. In both cases, Mr. Jezic’s clients were eventually exonerated of all felony charges after jury trials and are now free of any threat of jail or deportation. In one of those cases in 2011, State v. Cuque, the jury acquitted Mr. Jezic’s client of all charges despite having viewed a videotaped confession by the client.

In 2010, prosecutors in two separate jurisdictions dismissed the cases against Mr. Jezic’s clients, after the jury in each case had heard Mr. Jezic’s winning cross-examination of the complaining witnesses (Read Article). Remarkably, yet again in 2012, prosecutors dismissed all murder charges on the third day of a jury trial in Prince Georges County, after the Jezic team’s vigorous investigation and opening defense. Read Washington post article.

In 2015 the prosecutor in Prince George’s County dismissed another serious stabbing case on the third day of the jury trial after Mr. Jezic’s cross-examination of numerous eye witnesses.

Maryland Criminal Defense Attorney Ahmet Hisim has 30 years of experience litigating all manner of criminal cases throughout Maryland, especially serious felony cases and murder trials. He was a prosecutor in the Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s Office for 22 years, and has been a criminal defense lawyer for the past eight years. (See news articles about several murder trials from 1992 to 1998).

Mr. Hisim has had nearly 150 jury trials in his career, 50 of which have been murder trials. As a defense lawyer, he has achieved a “not guilty” verdict in many serious jury trials, as well as complete jury acquittals for four different clients charged with murder.

Mr. Hisim’s first criminal trial as a defense attorney was a case of Attempted Murder in Montgomery County Circuit Court. The client had been previously convicted with other counsel, and his case was remanded to circuit court for a new trial. The case ended after a week-long trial with a total acquittal, causing the State’s eyewitness to fall from his chair as the verdict was read in the courtroom. (See the article from the Washington Post about this stunning acquittal).

Partner David Moyse is one of the most successful criminal defense lawyers in the State, regularly winning trials on all types of serious offenses.  Mr. Moyse was voted as a SuperLawyers in 2015-2017.  He has appeared on two nationally syndicated television shows to discuss two of his greatest successes, the Army Ranger Murder case and the Rockville High School Rape case.

In addition to Mr Jezic’s results, the criminal lawyers with our law firm have years of experience representing clients, and are very focused on getting positive results in every case they handle. They will provide an aggressive defense for you, taking into account the unique facts of your case. Criminal defense is not only our profession, it is also our passion, and we will use our experience as a firm to help you.

Our Maryland-focused criminal lawyers serving Maryland, Virginia, and DC offer affordable legal services and exceptional criminal defense for those charged with the most serious offenses throughout Maryland state.

Maryland Criminal Law Firm

Jezic & Moyse, LLC is a full-service Maryland law firm, dedicated to the vigorous defense of anyone charged with a crime. We handle every sort of criminal case, and focus on violent crimes, such as murder, manslaughter, criminal battery, armed robbery, and burglary. Nonetheless, whether you need a DUI lawyer or a Criminal Defense Trial Attorney for a major felony case, Jezic & Moyse, LLC will handle it. Whether Felony or Misdemeanor, no case is too big or too small.

We handle criminal defense cases in Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC. Let the defense lawyers at Jezic & Moyse, LLC help ease the stress of going through the criminal justice system by providing the aggressive and insightful criminal defense you need to win your case.

Please call our criminal defense lawyers today at: 240-292-7200, to discuss all of your legal needs. We are available every weeknight until 9 p.m, Saturday mornings, and all day Sunday after 1:30 p.m. Our attorneys and staff speak Spanish, French, Arabic, Turkish, Korean, Haitian Creole and Chinese fluently.


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    Man convicted in slayings of ex-girlfriend, man, 73

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